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About Curved and Dangerous

Welcome to Curved and Dangerous!

Curved and Dangerous is a family owned and operated plus size boutique located in beautiful East Tennessee! Our operations are currently online only, meaning you can shop our website 24/7. In 2021, we will be opening a vendor booth location in West Knoxville where you can shop in person! 

I have always been considered "plus size" and had a challenge finding cute clothes to fit me. After having my first child, though, it became close to impossible to find anything to fit me correctly. Everything was either WAY too small, too short, or just not flattering at all. Not to mention, boutiques were rarely carrying plus size and, if they did, one piece was $60 and terrible quality! I knew something needed to change and I started this boutique to help make a difference. We started our business in 2016 with the hopes that it would allow me to supplement our family's income while raising small children. We never dreamed it would grow the way that it has and we are SO thankful that it has. We originally thought that we could run this for a few years until our children got a little older, however we learned in 2020 that our youngest child is special needs. Based on her diagnosis, our schedules will be chaotic for many years making sure that she gets the care that she needs and deserves. By supporting our small business, you are helping to make this flexibility a reality and we cannot thank you enough!

Our boutique strives to offer a place for plus size women to shop for items that will not only have them feeling stylish, but also comfortable and confident. We are very open to feedback on our offerings, so feel free to contact Stephanie at if you have any suggestions or styles that you are looking for. Stephanie answers every single message herself.

Your support of our small business means more than you will ever know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following us through this journey! 

-Stephanie Rathburn
Owner, Curved and Dangerous