About Curved and Dangerous

Curved and Dangerous is a family run plus size boutique located in East Tennessee. Our boutique strives to offer a place for plus size women to shop for items that will not only have them feeling stylish, but also comfortable and confident. We are very open to feedback on our offerings, so feel free to contact Stephanie (owner) at stephanie@curvedanddangerous.com if you have any suggestions or styles that you are looking for. Stephanie  answers every single message herself.

In understanding who we are, it is also important to understand who we are not. We are NOT a boutique that sources wholesale "leftovers" that have quality issues or sized too small. We are also not a boutique that takes in massive amounts of stock to keep in musty warehouses. These boutiques unfortunately exist - but they are NOT us. We only source from trustworthy manufacturers and all items are stored in our boutique, NOT in a warehouse.

We love all of our customers and appreciate each and every one of you!

-Stephanie Rathburn
Owner, Curved and Dangerous