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Curved and Dangerous

She is Extra Fullzip Hoodie - Rose Gold Accents


This hoodie is amazing! We love the solid black base and the pink accent thumbhole and hood lining. The zipper detail is rose gold accented! So cute! Plus, this hoodie is FULL ZIP! There is of course a hood and this quality is outstanding! Don't forget those thumbholes - so very cute! This hoodie has a straight fit and is true to size with amazing triple stretch! Made of cotton, polyester, and spandex - this has great stretch.

Stephanie  is 5'6" and wearing the size 2X. Her measurements are 50"/43"/54" for bust/waist/hips. 

Measurements (width/length):

1X:  54"/30"

2X:  56"/31"

3X:  58"/32"

4X:  60"/33"